Wednesday, January 10, 2018

TECHNIQUES OF SEO | seo services in bathinda|punjab

  • Black Hat Technique
  • White Hat Technique
  • Grey Hat Technique


Black Hat Techniques are techniques in which we can optimize our website by does not following the rules and break the rules and guidelines to  get instant result and to come in first in ranking and to get better result  various types of black hat Techniques:
Invisible Text
Doorway Pages
Keyword Stuffing 
Keyword Stemming


Grey Hat Techniques is techniques in which we optimize the website and perform activities on our website by following the rules and guidelines or by breaking the guidelines in  some activities  for getting the better result and SERP in google to get lead in Business  and to increase the  ranking in google.Through this activities it take some time to get result and to get ranking in Google.


White Hat Techniques is techniques in which we optimize the website by following  the guidelines of SEO  and do all activities of SEO in the limits of SEO which is set.But  by white hat techniques we does not get instantly  result and its takes time to get better result.In Within White Hat Techniques we have to do all work in limit and in proper manner.

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