Friday, January 26, 2018

BLOG COMMENTING | seo services in bathinda|punjab


Blog commenting is an off page activities whichbis used to promote the blog, brand, product and services and increase traffic on the website and to create a link of own website on another website.In Blog commenting we find out blog which is related to our blog, brand, product abd services and then we write and leave a comment on that website. After website administrator view our comment then after make a visible our comment on the website. Follow steps to leave a comment on any website is:
  1. Open the browser and enter the url of google. 
  2. In google type the brand,service,product which is related to your brand like digital marketing "leave a comment".
  3. Search engine results is shown.then click on any result
  4. When website is opened then click on topic and click on leave a comment. 
  5. Enter name, 📧, website 🔗,  then enter comment. 
  6. Click on post
  7. After you got message your commenting is awaiting approval. 
  8. When your comment get approval it should be displayed. 

Following rules need to be consideres in min as follow :

  1. In comment, the comment which we write should be unique and write as a user not as employee of the company. 
  2. Use reference  🔗  one or two


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