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ARCHITECTURE OF SEARCH ENGINE | seo services in bathinda|punjab


Search Engine is an engine of internet from where we search anything in the world and from any part of the world. Search Engine is collection of huge amount of data means contains information about the world and all the companies’ data and website should be stored on it. From Search Engine we can search anything like videos, images, files, data, and information in the world. Search engine is engine where in range of lakhs and crores of website is stored. Most popular Search Engine is Google. Various popular search engines are:

  • ·         GOOGLE
  • ·         YAHOO
  • ·         BING
  • ·         YANDEX

The architecture of Search Engine consists of various components:
·         WWW
·         CRAWLER
·         DATABASE
·         INDEXER
·         KEYWORD
·         CLIENT
architecture of search engine


WWW stands for World Wide Web. World Wide Web is an important part of an internet in which ranges of crores website are stored .Each or new website which should be design and made which firstly stored in WWW and after storing in it  and should be visible to the client. In each day the website which stored in WWW should be crawled by Crawler.


Crawler is also known as spider, boat .Crawler is that which visit to each website everyday once in a day and on many website twice, thrice in a day to collect the data and information. The work of crawler is to fetch and collect the information from the various website from the WWW and stored in temporary database.


Database is collection of data and information. Database in search engine is database in which the crawler stored the data after collecting the information from WWW and from indexer takes the data to filter and categories the data.


Indexer is a part of an search engine which filter the data and categories the data means it categories the data like if the data of education it should be stored in education category and if it should be of image and video stored in images and data which should be duplicate  and take different and put outside of the search engine result.


Keyword is reserved words or words which we written in a search engine to search the data and information. Keywords like top institute of India, what is SEO it should be keywords. Keywords has great role in SEO. It plays a vital role in SEO because most of result depends on the searches of keyword.


Search Interface is an interface or act as wall between the client and indexer. It is mediator which search and give result to the client. Search Interface is an interface which gives result according to the 200 factors.


Client plays a vital role. It is that which search in Search engine and use keyword to search in a search engine. Client in a search engine use preserved keyword to search .Client enter the keyword and search engine got queries and check in database and then index the data and then provide the result.

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