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Search engine optimization is optimization which is used to promote brand,product and services is used to take website on top in google ranking and generate lead in the business.


OFF PAGE SEO: off page SEO an SEO in which we do work on another website to create the backlinks and traffic from another website. Activities in off page SEO:
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Directory Submission
  • Bookmarking Submission
  • Article Submission
  • Classified Submission
  • Blog Creation
  • Blog Commenting
  • Blog Posting
  • Guest Posting 
  • Forum Posting
  • Quora Answering
  • Yahoo Answering
  • PDF Submission
  • PPT Submission
  • PR Submission
ON PAGE SEO: on page SEO is an type of SEO in which we optimize own website and work on own website and web pages,work on the keyword to increase the traffic on the website and to increase the search engine result pages(SERP). in on page SEO , we optimize the content of the own website and we title metatages to improve the ranking

Thursday, February 15, 2018

GUEST POSTING | seo services in bathinda|punjab


Guest Posting is one of the off page SEO activities which is used to create backlinks  and increase the traffic on our website  and generate lead in business and make traffic by submitting the article on the other website or blog to grow new audience.In Guest Posting we submit the post and article on the website or blog of another company .Various Guest Posting Sites are :

How To Post Guest Posting?

For Guest Posting follow the following steps:
  1. Click on Browser and enter the url of Guest Posting Sites in Browser 
    guest posting
  2. The site will be displayed and click on register and if you are registered and then log in
    guest posting
  3. If you does not want to create  an account .Many Guest Posting Sites are which does not ask for log in  directly give option to guest postingguest posting
  4. fill the information and then click on submit
    guest posting
  5. after clicking on submit and your post is submitted and we have to wait for approval because they check that posting person should not be  spammer and the post which post should not contains Spam Links and The result will be displayed as below:
    guest posting 

QUORA ANSWERING | seo services in bathinda|punjab


Quora Answering is an off page activities which is used to promote the brand, products and services of the company and to create traffic on the website.In quora answering we ask a question related to the brands ,products and services of the company and answer the question related to our brand products and services of the company.It is an social media site you got easily view and visitors through this site.In quora answering , We set the links on the keyword to get traffic .Always Post the link as reference link not like a promotional link.If it should be promotional link it can be delete by quora moderator.The Url of this site:

Following steps to create, search a answer and submit the question:

  1. click on the browser  and enter the url of website Quora Answering
    quora answering
  2. Enter your login credentials.If not an user create an account
    quora answering
  3. For Profile setting and view Go to account setting
    quora answering
  4. Attach twitter,facebook,linkedin account and add your blogs
    quora answering
  5. To ask Question go to Search box and type the question and click on submit

    quora answering
  6. The question will be displayed
    quora answering
  7. then further you want to get answer the question and any queries GO to again search box and type the question result will be displayed
    quora answering
  8. Click on answer if you want to answer the question
    quora answering
  9. the answer box will be appeared
    quora answering
  10. Type the answer and select the keyword click on link sign and enter the url
    quora answering
  11. When you add the link then your link start appearing on keyword
    quora answering
  12. Click on submit and the answer will be displayed
    quora answering

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

CLASSIFIED SUBMISSION | seo services in bathinda|punjab


Classified Submission is an off page SEO activities which is used to generate the lead in the business and increase traffic on the website and to promote the brand,product and services.In classified Submission site ,we have submit the classified on various sites in  which we write about particular service and describe the offers of the company to promote the brand,product and services.Various Classified submission sites are:
Following rules are considered in mind during creating  the Classified:
  1. Define properly which type of classified you want to post means it should be of providing service or take a service.
  2. Define properly category and subcategory
  3. When you write the title of classified ,it should be attractive and unique for example:Hurry Up!Join  Free Java Demo Classes @ ABC Infotech 
  4. After you have to write the description of classified in which you have to describe your services.
  5. Attach Image with classified .Its make classified attractive.
Following steps to Submit a classified in classified submission:
  1. Click on the browser and enter the url of classified sites.
  2. Enter Login Credentials or create an account on classified submission sites if its asks.
  3. Select the Services of which type :finding a job or services /providing a job or services.
  4. Then Select Category>subcategory.
  5. Then enter the title of your classified
  6. Then enter description or Body of your classified.
  7. Attach image to make your classified attractive.
  8. Click on Post.

Monday, February 12, 2018

ARTICLE SUBMISSION | seo services in bathinda|punjab


Article submission is an off page activities in which we submit the article related to product of the company and not written in favor of company and it is way to promote the brand product and services and generate the traffic on the website.various article submission sites are:

Following are the rules and guidelines which need to be considered in mind:
  1. The content which used in article should be  100% unique.
  2.  2-3% of keyword should be used in content .
  3. 1-2 link should be used in content.
  4. Promotional keyword should not be used in content like company name.
  5. The content in the title  is 50 to 60  characters.
  6. The content in the summary should have 300-400 words
  7. The content in the Body is 600-800 words.
Following are the steps  to create an article :
  1. Enter the URL in the browser.
  2. Enter login credentials like username and password.
  3. Click on submit>new article
  4. Enter title of an your article.
  5. Enter summary of an article.
  6. Enter body of an article
  7. Click on submit.

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