Friday, January 26, 2018

GOOGLE MAPPING| seo services in bathinda|punjab


google mapping is an off page activities in which we locate our business means where our business locate and set the location on google map . Google mapping is used to increase the lead in the business and to make easier to user to reach the location or to our business.In google business we set the location of our business on google map by entering the address and marking the location. Following steps to locate the business on the google :
  1. Enter the url in the browser. 
  2. Type the google mapping sites in search engine.
  3. For locating the business on the google maps, you need google account and enter google account. 
  4. Enter address on the google map and click on confirm the location 
  5. If location is not found,  click on marker
  6. Take marker on location. Set the marker on location
  7. Click on confirm. 
  8. After click on confirm, when any user search on google with our business name it show location with result


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