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7 Steps To improve Your SMO |SMO Services in Bathinda

 Seven Step to Promote in REAL SMO, which is:

  • Reputation - build your reputation as a reliable qualified source
  • Engagement - encourage more engagement, sharing & reciprocate
  • Authority - become a notable authority in your field of expertise
  • Leadership - harness originality & creativity, be a Thought Leader
  • Social - be social, find and engage sociable experts in your field
  • Media - know your social media platforms to maximize influence
  • Optimization - improve technical aspects to increase optimization

1. Reputation
Your reputation in my view starts with ensuring you are either an expert or you act as an expert curator. This means undertaking thorough research and producing original content or curating quality content. This will make you a respected and qualified source.Your reputation is also about how you engage and support people. Your reputation will be enhanced if you openly share your content and expertise including content that is not your own, engage with others through discussions and commenting, and if you are friendly and helpful to people.

I think fundamentally your reputation is enhanced by simply being helpful to people.

2. Engagement
You need to actively engage with your audience. This can include commenting, mentions, shares, likes, and plus ones. No one is as smart as everyone so share other peoples' content and provide a good user experience by providing feedback and comments.You need to target the networks with which to interact and make it easy for people to interact. It may be that people will interact with content on your site but you may find a far greater number of people willing to interact in their existing communities such as Google+ communities and LinkedIn groups. You can combine these by using say Google+ comments on your blog. Asking users to create accounts on your site will discourage users from commenting so use existing social logins such as LinkedIn or tools such as Disqus.

You can also encourage people to engage with a call to action, for example if you find this article helpful please share it. If you think I have missed anything please add your comments below.

3. Authority
There are many aspects to authority. Search engines are interested in ascertaining what individuals and brands are seen as authoritative and trusted by real people on the Internet. The most obvious example of a move in this direction is Google Authorship. Setting up Google Authorship can help establish you as an expert and show your profile prominently in search results. For example. I have spent many years researching the e learning market and writing a monthly market update. Thus when you search for 'e learning market' you will hopefully see my result (image below) with my picture and a link to my profile.You can also enhance your authority and the value of content through social proof. 

4. Leadership
To me leadership is about high quality research, thinking and original content production.A leader will research everything they can about their areas and share thoughtful insights which will add value to your audience. Poor quality content will be perceived as such and as a consequence will not be shared.

As a leader you can also create value for your audience through content curation. This means adding value to content by providing a summary, adding context or a perspective to the content you are sharing.

5. Social
You also need to build high quality networks, quality potentially matters more than quantity. Seek out the experts in your field, read what they say, engage them in debate and share your ideas.

6. Media platforms
It is important you focus on the right platforms and communities Where does your audience hang out? Find and focus on the platforms, communities and groups where your audience hangs out.

Some platforms are far more effective in improving the SEO benefits of SMO than others. In my view the most effective platform is Google Plus for many reasons which are set out in the article I mentioned on why Google Plus will improve your SEO.

7. Optimization
I have included below some of my thoughts on the practical and technical aspects of optimizing your SMO below.

Share buttons - make it easy to share for users by adding share buttons to your content. You should also show the numbers of shares to demonstrate social proof.

Social Icons - group and display your social icons in a prominent place on your site.

Subscription options - group together subscription options such as email, RSS, and newsletters.

Shareable content - some content is more readily shareable such as infographics or 5 top tips articles. I think this is partly because it is short and scannable. However, I hope and believe longer but well written content will also be shared.

Social login - use social login options to make it easy for users to comment.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

How to Take your website in Top of Google in Few Days | SEO Services in Bathinda

Steps To Take your Website on Top of Google in Few Days:

Firstly Perform On Page Activities like:

  • Write title in the Main Page of website
  • Then write keyword and description in main page of website.

Then perform Off page activities like:

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PPT SUBMISSION in bathinda | punjab

PPT Submission is an also off page activity which   is used to submit the presentation of the Company means the presentation on various products and service is create and in which short description of various services is given then submit on the internet and to promote that brand service and product which we provided. Various PPT submission sites are:


PDF SUBMISSION in bathinda | punjab

PDF Submission is a submission in which we create the PDF file in which we define the products and services of the company and means describe the products of the company and in this activity company create various PDF files to  describe their products and services  and put  the keywords and links in between them to promote the company. Various website are on which they submit the PDF is :











Monday, February 26, 2018


Search engine optimization is optimization which is used to promote brand,product and services is used to take website on top in google ranking and generate lead in the business.


OFF PAGE SEO: off page SEO an SEO in which we do work on another website to create the backlinks and traffic from another website. Activities in off page SEO:
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Directory Submission
  • Bookmarking Submission
  • Article Submission
  • Classified Submission
  • Blog Creation
  • Blog Commenting
  • Blog Posting
  • Guest Posting 
  • Forum Posting
  • Quora Answering
  • Yahoo Answering
  • PDF Submission
  • PPT Submission
  • PR Submission
ON PAGE SEO: on page SEO is an type of SEO in which we optimize own website and work on own website and web pages,work on the keyword to increase the traffic on the website and to increase the search engine result pages(SERP). in on page SEO , we optimize the content of the own website and we title metatages to improve the ranking

Thursday, February 15, 2018

GUEST POSTING | seo services in bathinda|punjab


Guest Posting is one of the off page SEO activities which is used to create backlinks  and increase the traffic on our website  and generate lead in business and make traffic by submitting the article on the other website or blog to grow new audience.In Guest Posting we submit the post and article on the website or blog of another company .Various Guest Posting Sites are :

How To Post Guest Posting?

For Guest Posting follow the following steps:
  1. Click on Browser and enter the url of Guest Posting Sites in Browser 
    guest posting
  2. The site will be displayed and click on register and if you are registered and then log in
    guest posting
  3. If you does not want to create  an account .Many Guest Posting Sites are which does not ask for log in  directly give option to guest postingguest posting
  4. fill the information and then click on submit
    guest posting
  5. after clicking on submit and your post is submitted and we have to wait for approval because they check that posting person should not be  spammer and the post which post should not contains Spam Links and The result will be displayed as below:
    guest posting 

QUORA ANSWERING | seo services in bathinda|punjab


Quora Answering is an off page activities which is used to promote the brand, products and services of the company and to create traffic on the website.In quora answering we ask a question related to the brands ,products and services of the company and answer the question related to our brand products and services of the company.It is an social media site you got easily view and visitors through this site.In quora answering , We set the links on the keyword to get traffic .Always Post the link as reference link not like a promotional link.If it should be promotional link it can be delete by quora moderator.The Url of this site:

Following steps to create, search a answer and submit the question:

  1. click on the browser  and enter the url of website Quora Answering
    quora answering
  2. Enter your login credentials.If not an user create an account
    quora answering
  3. For Profile setting and view Go to account setting
    quora answering
  4. Attach twitter,facebook,linkedin account and add your blogs
    quora answering
  5. To ask Question go to Search box and type the question and click on submit

    quora answering
  6. The question will be displayed
    quora answering
  7. then further you want to get answer the question and any queries GO to again search box and type the question result will be displayed
    quora answering
  8. Click on answer if you want to answer the question
    quora answering
  9. the answer box will be appeared
    quora answering
  10. Type the answer and select the keyword click on link sign and enter the url
    quora answering
  11. When you add the link then your link start appearing on keyword
    quora answering
  12. Click on submit and the answer will be displayed
    quora answering

7 Steps To improve Your SMO |SMO Services in Bathinda

  Seven Step to Promote in REAL SMO, which is: Reputation - build your reputation as a reliable qualified source Engagement - encour...